stretch. Flex. and step up your game in your own private home gym

Enjoying all that life has to offer demands a healthy body and mind. Your goals should not have to take a vacation while you are! While at Victoria Point, each of your sessions will be completely customized based on your goals and preferences.


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Personal Training

Whether keeping your routine or getting a fresh start, we are here to help you cross the finish line! Consulting with our passionate and hand selected trainers we will craft your workouts and work to unlock the results you want.

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Wellness is about the essentials – mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are looking to refine your yoga practice, heal an injury, improve nutritional habits, enhance your athletic performance, or mend a broken heart, living your best life begins with setting the intention. In the privacy of your villa, your carefully chosen instructor will guide and motivate you through your own holistic program.

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Mat Pilates

No muscle is ever over or under-trained with a challenging Mat based Pilates workout. Your private Pilates instructor will bring the best program for you, whether a mix of classical and modern Pilates or an assortment of innovative fusion workouts, all of which strengthen while they stretch, with a deep emphasis on the core.

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Perfect your technique, refine your moves, while amping up the cardio with private form-focused kickboxing instruction. Start kicking like a pro while building strength, focus, and agility.

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Let us arrange a personalized fitness experience for you.