The Terravita Collection


Take in all that the area has to offer and seize adventure of your own with one of our exclusive experiences.

the beach house

Breathe it in. Malibu pumps a fire through your veins that has your soul longing for adventure. Challenge yourself and indulge your inner adrenaline junkie with some of our exciting curated adventures.

uma kalai

Bali is an excellent place for those who seek adventure in the great outdoors. Whether that means hiking volcanoes at sunrise, repelling canyons through waterfalls, or white water rafting down the Ayung river, Bali has it all. Schedule one everyday for an adventure-filled vacation packed with thrilling experiences to take with you for a lifetime.

the mountain house

Feeling spontaneous and want an experince that's fun, exciting and gets your adrinaline pumping? Here are some fun adventures we highly recommend

the desert house

Whether you are after rugged adventure, camaraderie with friends, history and culture, nature, geology, or just taking in the panoramic vistas and amazing scenery, we have got you covered.

the lake house

Whether you are looking to step outside the box of the city for a day or searching for adventures to fill an extended stay, Lake Arrowhead awaits you!