The Terravita Collection

Nature experiences

The spectacle of the winds dancing with the blue waves of the deep, the sun kissed stones of the mountaintops at sunrise, the deep woods with their serene tranquility; step out and experience some of nature’s best with our curated experiences.

the beach house

Malibu has a dazzling beauty that is uniquely casual. Step out and experience some of Malibu’s best and most beautiful with our curated experiences.

uma kalai

Known as the emerald island, Bali has a lush, tropical landscape with many natural wonders to visit. From seas of green paddies to natural hot springs to stone canyons carved out by waterfalls, Bali's beautiful nature scenes are sure to awe.

the mountain house

Check out these experiencenes that will be sure to connect you with nature as well as some stunning views.

the desert house

A town founded as an oasis, a place for weary travelers to recharge, Indio was built as a refuge from the arid and adventurous surroundings. Take some time to explore the quiet calm and striking beauty of some of the area’s natural wonders.

the lake house

Lake Arrowhead is a legendary and mystical retreat. The ancient indigenous people tell tales of the Great Spirit with an arrow, which, like the Israelite's Pillar of Fire, was to guide them to the spot where they were to live and thrive. The Great Spirit having selected this place, placed the Arrowhead to forever mark it.  Here, allow yourself to live and thrive as well.