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The journey to terravita

Inspired by our own travels and hospitality experiences around the world, we carefully chose the elements that breathe life and soul into these homes, the backbone of the TerraVita Collection. Beautifully appointed homes, inspiring experiences designed to make memories, and the luxury of time to enjoy them are our mission. Each of our homes has been chosen because of our own connection to the location and the character of the home itself. These destinations are where we ourselves find escape and relaxation. We want to share these havens, Our Collection, with you. Enjoy our homes just as we enjoy them.

Travel with care

corporate social responsibility

Our connection to our surroundings goes beyond experiencing our collection of homes and their environments. We actively seek out deep partnerships with a diverse group of organizations that are integral in improving the communities that we are proud to be a part of. These initiatives are a source of deep pride for the TerraVita Collection.

In Bali, we have built a recycling mission with a focus on education, engagement, and environmental improvement. We have partnered with the local villages and have built recycling centers to process and eliminate plastic waste, collected by the locals, that has accumulated over time. Through our grassroots education programs, we have inspired our youngest neighbors in the local villages to not only collect their plastic recycling but to actively seek out ways to minimize their environmental impact and to see their natural surroundings heal and thrive.

We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others.

— Janie Lewis